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The following is a list of the principles and values deemed to be fundamental, to which the various stakeholders are to refer in order to foster the Company's efficient operation, reliability and reputation.
The Company guarantees the confidentiality of the personal information and data it processes and the protection of information obtained in regards to professional services rendered.
Fair Competition
The Company operates on the international market in the HPC, AI, ML and Big Data acceleration, Servers, Supercomputers, electric and electronic boards, and engages in fair competition in the marketplace, complying with principles and laws protecting competition.
Personal dignity
The Company undertakes to promote respect for the physical and cultural integrity of individuals and respect for interpersonal relations. It guarantees working conditions that are respectful of individual dignity and safe working environments and safeguards and promotes the value of human resources, all with the aim of improving and increasing the wealth of skills possessed by each employee.
Integrity and propriety
Dealings with the Company's stakeholders are guided by the principles of propriety, cooperation, loyalty and mutual respect. External relations and employee relations are shaped by the utmost sense of loyalty, which consists in acting with a sense of responsibility.
The Company undertakes to be attentive to the market's changing needs and to constantly improve the quality of its products.
Environmental protection
The Company contributes constructively to environmental sustainability in all of its activities. The commitment to safeguard the environment is put into practice by planning activities that seek a balance between economic initiatives and essential environmental needs in accordance with applicable Italian and international directives.
Responsibility to society
In its operations, the Company takes account of the needs of the community in which it conducts its business and contributes to promoting quality of life as well as economic, social, cultural and civil development.
Confidential information and the protect
The Company's activities constantly require the acquisition, conservation, processing, communication and dissemination of data, documents and information concerning negotiations, transactions and contracts. The Company's databases may also contain personal data protected by privacy legislation, data that may not be externally disclosed, and, lastly, data the disclosure of which could result in damages for the Company.
All Code's Intended Recipients are therefore required to uphold the secrecy and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of the performance of their professional duties. All information, knowledge and data acquired or processed by the Code's Intended Recipients in the course of their duties may not be used, communicated or disclosed.
For its part, the Company undertakes to protect the information and data concerning the intended recipients and third parties and avoid any improper usage thereof.
We are a team of technology and industry veterans. We transform ordinary servers into ultra-powerful supercomputers.
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