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Photo Exhibition
With "Negativo Positivo or Pessimismo and Ottimismo" the photographer Agostino Tommasini wants to work on contrasts, to make us excited; with his photos, with his shots he intends to hit the deepest strings of the human soul, a new way to know yourself, and to face the challenges that the world will put in front of us in the future.
Agostino's exhibition invites us to observe life through a different vision from the one we are used to, analyzing everyday life through negatives means looking at its lights and shadows, reducing to the essential the world view that surrounds us.
The path of analysis of a negative for a man has the same value as the path that Artificial Intelligence takes each time to analyze a situation in which it comes across, it analyzes the context as a mathematical spectrum, a set of indications and signals.
A3Cube Inc. is honored to be a partner in this fantastic exhibition, which can be a source of reflection on many aspects of our daily and future life.

Born in Rome on 3/8/1966.
The passion for photography comes as a young man, when at the age of 14 he buys both the first camera, an Olympus OM10 and later a Nikon FE.
He also gained experience in the dark room and set up a tiny laboratory (do it yourself) where he developed his black and white photos. For a short time he was the assistant to some photographers especially for wedding services. For various personal reasons, after three years, this passion is interrupted, finding itself forced to sell all the material purchased.
In 1987 he began working in a photocomposition as a graphic where he remained until 1995.
Immediately after he moved to Novara and in 1996 he entered the publishing world as a graphic designer.
In 1997 he was hired as a practicing in the editorial staff of "Il Mondo" in Rcs in Milan and after four years he became professional.
Married with two children, he is currently head of department in drafting "OGGI" and for about ten years he has reappropriated that passion which he had unfortunately had to interrupt, Photography.

In the world, it seems that everything goes wrong, that everything goes wrong. It is almost impossible today to find someone who can see the positive side of all those things that apparently
have nothing good about them. The rare optimists are considered almost as naive who have lost their sense of reality. Is it ever possible that in the various negative experiences of life, in social crises, there is nothing fruitful or positive? Optimism is all about seeing the positive side of things: looking at the NEGATIVE to draw the POSITIVE ... everything that is BLACK becomes WHITE and the SHADOWS become LIGHT. It is often said: "Think positive"! Seems easy! But we can all become artists of positivity. Thus we can all transform "negative" experiences into increasingly positive forces of growth for us and for others. This is precisely why I developed the idea of ​​this work. Look at a negative picture and think positively. Sometimes a photographic negative can be more suggestive than positive. This means that in negativity there can be positivity, there can be beauty. You just have to look, IMAGINE, wait, reflect and HOPE. They are sometimes distorted, ambiguous, ironic but also profound photographs with a single thread, that of being negative. Last but not least, the surprise effect of the beholder. With the "negative-positive" every form, every part of the composition, stands in the foreground or in the background depending on the reading of the beholder. The photograph of the rest always remains the same, as well as the INSTANTANEOUS OF LIFE. It depends on us which filters we want to look at.
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