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The Oil and Gas industry has long been among the leading practitioners of supercomputing, technology, as 3D seismic data processing has been a staple of the sector for years. Recent developments in the industry have added additional layers of complexity and opportunity that promise to improve exploration and production operations including, but not limited to, Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM), Basin Analysis and Seismic visualizations. Within today's computing environments, energy companies must deal with the major unstructured big data challenges that require innovative high performance computing models to enable the fastest access to the available datasets.
The massively parallel I/O capability provided by our architecture delivers exceptional bandwidth performance combined with unique scalable IOPS and computing power, thus accelerating the time needed to achieve results
We are a team of technology and industry veterans. We transform ordinary servers into ultra-powerful supercomputers.
2, North First Street - San Jose, CA 95113
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